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New Code NLP - NLP Trainer

About Abhay :

As New Code NLP -NLP Trainer:

I am Abhay Thhakkar – an International Certified New Code NLP and NLP Trainer from India.

I facilitate Transformative New Code NLP - NLP Trainings, through which I enable people to facilitate transformations in their lives. This includes you and people alike, who are keen to overcome challenges that come on their path.
Furthermore, enabling you to become more successful in your domain of expertise.

In fact, I enable individuals like you and groups to enhance and heal every aspect of their life in which a change is desired. Additionally, you gain an opportunity to understand yourself, those around you and the world at a deeper level.

Abhay Thhakkar - NLP Trainer from Mumbai ,  is smilingAbhay - Best NLP Practitioner from India, facilitating an NLP session at an Educational Institute.
Abhay sharing NLP techniques with participants, during NLP Practitioner course in Mumbai.



Through the tools and techniques, I share during my various Transformative New Code NLP and NLP Courses in Mumbai and other cities in India and abroad.

These NLP Trainings are an intensive and extensive learning with healing experiences.

Uniqueness as a New Code NLP - NLP Trainer:

Emotions & Relationships

My strength lies in working with people’s emotions and relationships, enabling me to dive into diverse industries in every field of human endeavor.
This includes:
> Health and Wellness professionals including Psychologists, doctors, Yoga experts.
> Corporate professionals including Business owners, HR, CEO, Sales and Marketing Executives and Entrepreneurs.
> Principals, Teachers and students from Educational Institutes.
> Performers including Dancers, Athletes and Actors.

Face picture of Abhay Thakkar - NLP Trainer from Mumbai and best NLP Trainer in India

Simplicity & Creativity

I am a believer in simplicity and utilising my creativity in my facilitation.

Using these to my advantage, I am known amongst NLP Trainers in India for breaking down complex NLP concepts and simplifying it for people across age groups.

Also, by adding my touch of creativity, all my New Code NLP– NLP Courses are a unique learning experience by itself.

A group discussion of 3 people during Abhay's Neuro Linguistic Programming Course in India
Abhay Thhakkar - best NLP from India - looking up

My formative years

I have seen life through different lenses during my formative years.

My parents separated when I was 10years old.
Thereafter, I studied for 6 years at a boarding school - Sahyadri School (J Krishnamurti foundation school) near Pune.

Consequently, it took a hit on me emotionally.

However, my overall development grew in the field of sports, music, and anything that knocked my creative brain as a result of being in a boarding school.

A creative depiction of brain with colors on right brain -indicating right hemisphere of brain being creative

Creativity in Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainings

Today, I express my creativity through facilitating unique learning experiences during Transformative Neuro Linguistic Programming courses.

Besides that, I design websites such as the one you are on, playing guitar, designing posters and certificates.

Journey into Healing

Life is a learning experience

Growing into an adult came with it's own highs and lows like it is for each of us, and that’s when my unwavering curiosity to find my purpose inculcated a relentless drive within me.

Self-driven, I started chasing answers to all the questions that intrigued me about life. Consequently, this led me to learn several healing-based modalities besides New Code NLP and NLP, such as:
> Hypnotherapy
> Past Life Regression  
> Transpersonal Regression
> Graphology
> Chakra healing

A person introspecting with during meditation with NLP indicated by a person sitting

Finding my purpose

Being an empath, I realised my purpose is to help people overcome unfortunate experiences and heal all their wounds. Furthermore, enable them to live their life to the fullest.

Abhay Thhakkar wearing a formal suit and being prepared for Transformative NLP Trainings in India
An interactive discussion of 3 participants with sticky notes on wallpaper as they discuss application of NLP during Abhay's NLP Practitioner Training in India

Facilitation method during NLP Courses

As per the several facilitators training including the NLP Trainers Training and New Code NLP Trainers Training of Dr. John Grinder, I have learnt that learning needs to be interactive, intriguing and profound.

That’s what my approach has been from the first day of facilitating Transformative New Code NLP – NLP courses in India and overseas.

Every topic of the Transformative NLP courses is infused with fun activities, creative exchanges, and experiential with profound learnings.

Participants posing with certificate after Abhay's NLP Practitioner course in India.

Practical, not Theoretical NLP Trainings

I do not believe in a lecture style NLP training or recorded videos of NLP training and then giving a certificate of NLP Practitioner/ NLP Master Practitioner/NLP Coach.
I believe in practical and interactive learning while having fun!

Earn the New Code NLP – NLP Practitioner Certificate

Further, a learner has to earn the NLP Practitioner/ NLP Master Practitioner / NLP Coach / New Code NLP Practitioner certificate through several evaluations.

Abhay Thakkar presenting the NLP Practitioner certificate to a participant - Archana, after completing the Internationally Certified NLP Course in Mumbai, India
Abhay Thhakkar - NLP Trainer from Mumbai ,  is smiling

Vision through Transformative NLP:

My vision is to facilitate a healing and life enhancing journey to as many people as possible – to you, and each one with a desire to enhance life.
I don’t have a target set on how many lives I want to change because I never want to stop enabling people to meet their best version.

That’s it. That’s my vision.

Experience as an NLP Trainer:

Some of the people I have enabled with a new perspective towards life the through my Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses in Mumbai, include:

> Mumbai Police.
> Corporates such as Varmora, FedEx and Scholastic India.
> Pediatric dentists at DY Patil College, Mumbai.
> Students at VJTI College, Thakur College, Mumbai·  
> Staff at SNDT College, Mumbai.
>NGOs such as Khulla Asmaan andTouching Lives.·        

Abhay - NLP Trainer - sharing NLP for anxiety, fears and other issues to his participants of NLP Training courses in Mumbai
Abhay Thhakkar facilitating an NLP course at NLP Conference

Transformative NLP Training, Mumbai -

With an intent to transform lives, I have not just facilitated New Code NLP and NLP Training in India including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Delhi but also in Spain and Italy.

In India, you can find me facilitating the New Code NLP – NLP Courses in Mumbai at my training centre – Transformative NLP Training International.

Transformative Neuro Linguistic Programming experience

Want to know more about my sessions and my experience?

Before you dig in deeper to my Internationally Certified NLP Course, do check out the below video from an NLP Course in Spain, as I humbly let you into my professional world virtually.

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