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Transformative NLP - Hypnosis Training

Experience trance states with NLP and Hypnosis


Transformative NLP - Hypnosis Training

This 8 days (64 hours) Transformative NLP Hypnosis training includes learning:

1 - Language of influence
2 - Creating meditation and hypnosis scripts
3 - Healing relationships with hypnotherapy
4 - Healing conflicts within
5 - Eliminating limiting behavious such as procrastination and addictions.
6- Gaining clarity in decision making
7 - Techniques and tools to accelerate professional growth.

Note: Some of the above are only some of the course contents. You will be learning much more.

Abhay - Best NLP Practitioner from India, facilitating an NLP session at an Educational Institute.a girl standing with eyes closed and embracing herself during NLP training course in Mumbai, by NLP Trainer from Mumbai - Abhay
Abhay Thhakkar facilitating an NLP course at NLP Conference

Course topics:

Some of the topics includes in this course is:

• Hypnotherapy for healing relationships.
• Advanced Meta Model
• Milton Model - in-depth
• Parts integration
• Creating outcomes
• Values elicitation, ranking and elaboration.
• Sub modalities
• Anchoring
• Perceptual position

and much more...based on the outcomes that participants wish to achieve through this NLP - Hypnosis course.

Who is this Transformative NLP Training course for?

The Transformative NLP - Hypnosis training course will benefit each person regardless of their professional and personal background, since this course is focused on becoming more influential in our verbal communication.

Of course, it will benefit every individual who also wishes to pursuit in the fielding of psychology, healing, therapy and training.

Besides them, every individual who wishes to elevate their professional life, whether it is in the corporate world, educational institutions and performances, will benefit from this course.

Hypnotherapy and NLP Course in Mumbai at DY Patil College, Mumbai
a lady laughing and enjoying the NLP certification course in India, by Abhay Thakkar

Tranformative Training format

This entire 8-day course, facilitated by Abhay Thhakkar is designed to be:

Experiential and hands-on learning. Hence learn through interactive activities.
Learn through extensive practice
• Know the practical applications of patterns.
• Learn in an enjoyable way.

If you are keen to find more information on the training format, you can visit:
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