Abhay - NLP Trainer - sharing NLP for anxiety, fears and other issues to his participants of NLP Training courses in Mumbai




NLP Coaching – Life Skills. Take the1st step towards learning the language of your mind and connecting better with yourself and the world.

Learn life skills of influential communication (with self and others) and techniques to heal and enhance your emotions.

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Abhay Thakkar discussing about NLP technique with other NLP Trainers from Spain during an NLP Trainers Training course

NLP Training - A catalyst in reshaping lives

This NLP Training is your first step towards experiencing Neuro Linguistic Programming.
The best way to learn Neuro Linguistic Programming is to attend this live NLP Training in Mumbai and other cities facilitated by Abhay Thhakkar.

All the concepts, tools and techniques are taught in a simplified way.
Further, each participant gains a takeaway which they can apply in personal and professional life.

This NLP Training is also your first step towards learning the upgraded version of NLP – New Code NLP Course in Mumbai and other cities in India, facilitated by Abhay Thhakkar.

Learn the language of your mind

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NLP Coaching Life Skills Course contents:

This interactive 2-day NLP training in Mumbai and various cities, will enable you to:

Communicate Influentially: Create an aura of high responsiveness by communicating with a person’s subconscious mind in a subtle way. You will learn to interact effectively with people around you.


Heal: Overcome unpleasant emotions related to trauma, phobias, painful pasts or breakups. You will also be able to help others heal with practical NLP tools and techniques I will share during this NLP course.


Eliminate Miscommunication: Develop increased stability in your relationships, filled with love, respect, and humility, by learning to eliminate any scope of miscommunication.


Give Constructive Feedback: Learn methods of giving constructive feedback. Thereby inculcating a habit of sharing constructive feedback as a leader. As such, you can become a reliable mentor/leader with higher authority. You grow when you help others to grow.


Calibrate: Learn observing on a microlevel to understand a person better, infusing trust in relationships. You will learn to detect minuscule changes in a person’s thought process, behaviour andbody language.


Understand Self: Dive into a deeper level of self-revelation by identifying your preferred modalities. You can also apply this learning to understanding others better. With language frames, you will experience change in yourself and your relationships.


Meet Your Best Version: Utilize your energy to access your strengths by recognizing the resources within and walking through all the conscious limitations.

This NLP Course is designed for you to do all of the above and much more.

Further, this NLP Course is the first step before diving deep into the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The next step being, attending the intensive and extensive learning and healing during New Code NLP Course.

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