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Neuro Linguistic Programming -
NLP Course in Mumbai

Experience Transformation Within

Heal and enhance every aspect of life where you desire a change.


NLP Training in Mumbai

Experience a transformative journey with our 10 days New Code NLP - NLP Training in Mumbai, with certificate directly from the co-creator of NLP – John Grinder and co-developers of New Code NLP.

Abhay - Best NLP Practitioner from India, facilitating an NLP session at an Educational Institute.John Grinder (co-creator of NLP)
ITA certificate / ITCA Certificate / International NLP Certificate / John Grinder signature on certificate

About New Code NLP course in Mumbai:

This 10 days NLP course in Mumbai includes the exclusive New Code NLP course.

“New Code NLP is the Ferrari of NLP”
– John Grinder (co-creator of NLP –Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Hence, New Code NLP is the upgraded version of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Thereby, you will go beyond the usual NLP Practitioner courses in Mumbai and other cities.

Note: New Code NLP is the intellectual property rights of John Grinder. Hence, only a select few NLP Trainers across the globe who are directly certified and trained by Dr. John Grinder can teach New Code NLP. Hence, none of the NLP Trainers from Mumbai, other than Abhay Thhakkar, are legally permitted to teach New Code NLP courses in Mumbai.

Who is this NLP Training for?

The New Code NLP - NLP training in Mumbai is customised based on the outcomes participants desire during this NLP course in Mumbai.

Hence, participants from every professional background ranging from HR, CEO, COO, Lawyer, Doctors, Psychologists, NLP Coaches, NLP Trainers, Motivational Speakers, Corporate Trainers, Sports Coaches, Dancers benefit from this NLP course in Mumbai.

Although this 10 days focuses on healing and self-growth, the tools can be applied across every profession.

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Abhay Thhakkar - best NLP from India, facilitating an NLP Course in Mumbai, India

NLP Training Methodology:

Further, the NLP Training methodology of Abhay Thhakkar ensures this course is hands-on learning with participants learning by practicing more than 20 techniques and tools.

This empowers participants to master the NLP skills whether they wish to apply the skills acquire for themselves and/or family and/or professionally.

Benefits of Transformative NLP Course in Mumbai:

The comprehensive 10 days New Code NLP - NLP Course in Mumbai will:

Heal: Heal past painful memories and thereby experience a sense of liberation

This includes healing loss of loved ones, childhood trauma and sexual abuse


Heal without even sharing the issue


Reduce emotional triggers leading to such as anger, irritation, and frustration


Become empowered to deal with daily life challenges.


Access meditative states through playing Games for 12 minutes!


Heal through playing Games


Remove unproductive behaviours such as certain eating habits and procrastination and addictions.


Gain techniques for accelerating professional growth


Gain techniques for enhancing performances such as sports, dance and acting.


Become one of the few competent Internationally Certified New Code NLP Practitioner in Mumbai to enable others to heal and achieve all of the above mentioned aspects and more?

This Transformative New Code NLP - NLP Course in Mumbai is designed for you to do all of the above and much more.

a collage of participants experiencing the magic of Internationally Certified NLP Training in Mumbai, India

1st 2 days of NLP Training:

In fact within the 1st 2 days of this NLP Training in Mumbai itself you will learn essential life skills such as secrets of enhancing relationships and the secrets of influential communication.

The tools you will learn in the 1st 2 days can be applied instantly when you interact with anyone in your personal and professional life.

Hence from the beginning itself you will learn tools that will enable you to enhance your quality of personal and professional life.

The New Code NLP and NLP Trainer - Abhay Thhakkar, beleives that one of the hallmarks while selecting the best NLP Practitioner course in Mumbai / best NLP Training in Mumbai, is the practical application of the NLP techniques.

Abhay - NLP Trainer from Mumbai, facilitating NLP Training for corporate and the participants are enjoying.

Experience Your Path to Deep Life Transformation

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Transformative Neuro Linguistic Course in Mumbai Details:

The 1st 8 days is offline at Transformative NLP Training International, Mumbai.

Timings: 9 AM – 6:30 PM (Includes homemade breakfast and lunch) Therefore, each day: 9.5 hours. 

The last 2 days is online.
Timings: 9am – 5:30
Therefore, each day is 8.5 hours. 

Total NLP course duration: 93 hours (if we exclude the break timings, it is approximately 82 hours)

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