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Creation of New Code NLP

New Code NLP was created by co-creator of NLP - Dr. John Grinder. He developed New Code NLP with an intent to rectify what he felt are limitations or flaws in NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, which he had co-created in 1970s.

Moreover, he envisioned developing more powerful patterns than NLP, that are designed for enhancing the quality of personal and professional life.
This includes healing relationships and memories and enhancing business growth amongst numerous other applications.

Best NLP Trainer of India - Abhay Thhakkar with John Grinder and other International NLP TrainersJohn Grinder (co-creator of NLP)
Abhay Thakkar discussing about NLP technique with other NLP Trainers from Spain during an NLP Trainers Training course

Applications of New Code NLP

The multi-application approach of New Code NLP is applicable for people across fields such as every professional working in the corporate world as well as education. Even individuals and groups involved in parenting, business, health, trauma recovery, education, sports, life coaching, business coaching and more gain immense benefits through learnings gained in Transformative New Code NLP courses.

It enables New Code NLP learners to make substantial leaps in personal and professional growth.

About New Code NLP

With New Code NLP, you can eliminate limiting beliefs and behaviours and adopt enriching neurological pathways.
Thereby enabling you to experience freedom from the past and leading you to create a life you desire to live.

Hence you will open doors to new reality of personal life and accelerate your professional growth.

A particpant of Abhay's NLP Training in Mumbai. has her hand stretched out as she is experiencing freedom

Experience Your Path to Deep Life Transformation

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About New Code NLP Training:

Do you wish to:

Improve your relationships with your partner, children, parents (in-laws), or friends?


Recover from unpleasant memories including childhood trauma, sexual abuse, or similar traumatic experiences?


Heal without sharing the issue?


Reduce emotions such as anger, irritation, and frustration


Stay poised during challenging times?


Access meditative states?


Heal and access meditate states and other states through playing Games?


Gain tools and techniques for accelerating professional growth?


Gain techniques to enhance performances such as dance and acting?


Become a competent Internationally Certified New Code NLP Practitioner to enable others to heal and achieve all of the above mentioned aspects and more?

Abhay Thakkar’s New Code NLP Course is designed for you to do all of the above and much more.

a creative design of 2 heads denoting communicating effectively with NLP
Abhay Thhakkar - best NLP from India, facilitating an NLP Course in Mumbai, India

A Transformative NLP Course

This Transformative NLP Course in Mumbai and other cities is designed for you to experience a journey of deep healing and self-growth.

There are several more benefits such as healing addictions, beating procrastination, stopping negative thought patterns.

Additionally dealing optimally with daily life situations with more calmness, focus, confidence, and other states that you wish to experience more of.

Become Certified New Code NLP Practitioner:

As per the guidelines set by Dr. John Grinder, Abhay has designed the New Code NLP as experiential and practical.

Also, the participants gain several practice opportunities to become a competent New Code NLP Practitioner/New Code NLP Coach.

This NLP Course will equip you to enable others to heal and achieve all aspects mentioned in the above 'About New Code NLP Training' section and more.

As a result, you will gain immense self-satisfaction, having empowered people across every walk of life to enhance their personal and professional life.

NLP Coaching session in Abhay's NLP Coaching Course in India
Abhay - NLP Trainer from Mumbai, facilitating NLP Training for corporate and the participants are enjoying.

International New Code NLP Certification

After completing this Internationally Certified New Code NLP course, you will become one of the select few New Code NLP Practitioners in India and overseas.

Abhay’s NLP courses in India and abroad are internationally certified by Dr. John Grinder, the co-creator of New Code NLP and NLP, which makes it an authentic and legal NLP certification to own.

Abhay Thhakkar is the fist NLP Trainer in India to be certified as New Code NLP Trainer from India, personally certified by co-creator of New Code NLP and co-developers of New Code NLP.

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