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Who is the Best NLP Trainer in India?

Best NLP Trainer in India?

There are many self-proclaimed best NLP Trainer in India. While some NLP Trainers, write articles on "behalf of others" and mention that they are the best NLP trainer. Thereby needing to sound humble.

However, as you may know, the criteria of "best" differs for person to person.
Hence, I do not wish to self-proclaim to say that "Abhay Thhakkar is the best NLP Trainer in India" or my "NLP Trainings is the best in India."

Hence, I have written a set of certain criteria that can enable you in selecting who is the best NLP Trainer for you in your Neuro Linguistic Programming training journey.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming training Course

Firstly, Neuro Linguistic Programming courses are an excellent way to gain many skills and abilities to enhance our quality of life.

Importantly, to also heal and experience acceleration in personal and professional growth.

Hence, it worthwhile attending an NLP course.
Like learning any skill, the NLP training courses involve a significant investment of your time and money.
Therefore, it’s important to know how to identify the best NLP course and the best NLP Trainer in India suited for your learning, healing, and growth journey.

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NLP Certification:

There are several self-certifying “international NLP certification” organisation and some simply have the name of an overseas country and thereby call it as “international NLP Training”.

However, when you do some research, you can find that there are no such criteria needed for them to fulfil to become an NLP Trainer and continue remaining an NLP Trainer. Of course, besides paying money.

At the same time, the only authentic “international NLP certifying organisations” is set up personally by the co-creators of NLP –Dr. John Grinder, Richard Bandler and Frank Pucelik.
They are ITCA/ITA, SNLP and MI.

NLP Trainer Evaluations

The NLP Trainers certified by co-creators of NLP had undergone several evaluations to become an NLP Trainer.

As an NLP Trainer and New Code NLP Trainer, certified by Dr. John Grinder, I had to undergo more than a month’s New Code NLP and NLP Trainers Training and mentoring to become certified to teach New Code NLP and NLP Courses.
This included stringent evaluations which many participants failed.

Abhay with participants and John Grinder during Dr. John Grinder's NLP Course in Portugal
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NLP Course Duration:

Before you consider enrolling for an NLP course in India, it’s important to note how long the training program is.
Of course, the longer the course duration, more the learning and thereby more competency as an NLP Coach.

According to the NLP Training Certifying Institute of Dr. John Grinder, the NLP Practitioner course and NLP Master Practitioner course duration is of minimum 10 days. Whereas New Code NLP Practitioner course is of 5 days.

However, many NLP Trainers in India teach NLP Practitioner courses in India for 4 to 6 days which is below the minimum standards of course duration.

Abhay Thhakkar’s 10 days Transformative NLP courses in India and overseas, includes Dr. John Grinder’s New Code NLP Practitioner course.
Additionally, it also includes NLP Practitioner course contents taught by NLP Trainers in India. Although it excludes certain redundant course contents from NLP Practitioner courses.

Hence, the number of days can be considered as one of the criteria to select the best NLP Practitioner course in India suited for learning Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Application of NLP techniques and tools:

Some NLP Trainers can provide you with interesting information. However, if the information can not be practically applied in the lives of participants, then the value of the information becomes redundant.

Hence, the Transformative New Code NLP - NLP courses in India focuses on application of the NLP techniques.

A group discussion of 3 people during Abhay's Neuro Linguistic Programming Course in India
An interactive discussion of 3 participants with sticky notes on wallpaper as they discuss application of NLP during Abhay's NLP Practitioner Training in India

Theoretical or Practical NLP Courses?

Are the NLP Trainers giving you more of live and practical demonstrations during the NLP courses?

Or more of information, with also jargons?
Wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to read the information from an NLP book instead of NLP training if it's more of theory?

Hence, the Transformative NLP Courses in India have more of practical, live demonstrations and practice rounds.
Thereby each participant gains an opportunity of actually experiencing Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Personal connect with NLP Trainer

Lastly, in my opinion it's important to have a connect with the NLP Trainer. Hence, how about speaking personally with the NLP Trainer before you invest so much time, energy and investment.

If you wish, you can book a free consultation call and speak with me (Abhay Thhakkar) personally.

A group discussion of 3 people during Abhay's Neuro Linguistic Programming Course in India
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