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Transformative New Code NLP - NLP Course


10 days Transformative NLP Course with New Code NLP

Intensive and extensive learning, healing and growth oriented Neuro Linguistic Programming course.

This life-transforming Neuro Linguistic Programming course spans for over 10 full days.

This NLP course also includes the International New Code NLP Certification Course, certified directly by the co-creator of NLP - Dr. John Grinder.

Further, you will also learn what NLP Trainers in India usually teach in their 4 to 6 days NLP Practitioner courses in India, except the course contents that are redundant since the course includes the Internationally certified New Code NLP course as well.

New Code NLP is the advanced version of Neuro Linguistic Programming, developed by NLP co-creator - Dr. John Grinder.

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Practical NLP Course

This Transformative New Code NLP - NLP course is completely practical and experiential.

The course involves learning Neuro Linguistic Programming through fun based activities and not theory.

Importantly, the course focuses on live demonstrations and practice rounds
Additionally, the participants will learn ways in which they can apply the New Code NLP - NLP techniques and tools in their respective personal and professional life. Thereby, they will gain a boost in their personal and professional life.

Transformative NLP Training format:

You will learn more than 25 New Code NLP - NLP techniques that are designed to heal and enhance your personal and professional life.

Further, to enhance even your spiritual growth such as accessing meditative state easily and quickly.

Interestingly, this is achieved even through playing scientific based games for just 12 minutes!

Also, you will get plenty of opportunities to heal memories without even sharing the details of it with anyone!

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