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NLP Practitioner Course in India / NLP Certification in India


NLP Training Courses in India

There are several NLP training courses in India that are offered by NLP Trainers.
Hence, this page is created for a person who is seeking clarity for selecting an ideal NLP Certification Course in India they wish to attend. 

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official NLP Training courses

To begin with, there are 3 NLP training courses that are officially recognised across the globe.
They are - NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and New Code NLP Practitioner. 

The other NLP trainings such as "NLP Corporate Training”, “NLP for Business", "NLP for Leadership", “NLP for Sales”, and "NLP for Sports" are usually a combination of the course contents from NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner course.

(If the NLP Trainer is officially certified as a New Code NLP Trainer, they can legally add New Code NLP course contents as well)

Why Duration of NLP Trainings in India vary?

The course duration and contents of NLP Trainings in India and abroad vary.
The reason being that Neuro Linguistic Programming is under public domain.
This means that anyone can call themselves an NLP Practitioner in India and also NLP Master Practitioner and even NLP Trainer after reading an NLP book. Further, even self-proclaim to be the best NLP Trainer in India.

However, there are certain international benchmarks for duration and course contents for an NLP Certification Training in India. They are set personally by the co-creators of NLP - Dr. John Grinder, Richard Bandler and Frank Pucelik.

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International New Code NLP - NLP Practitioner Course Duration

The minimum duration of days for the International NLP certification courses, set by co-creators of NLP are:

NLP Practitioner Courses and NLP Master Practitioner Courses: 

> International Trainers Academy (ITA/ITCA) - John Grinder’s Certified NLP Training Courses: 9 days

> Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming (SNLP) - Richard Bandler’s Certified NLP Training Courses: 7 days 

> Meta International - Frank Pucelik’s Certified NLP Training Courses: 10 days  

New Code NLP Practitioner Courses

> International Trainers Academy (ITA/ITCA) - John Grinder’s Certified New Code NLP Training: 5 days

(All the training days are for full day)

Note: ITA/ITCA is the only international certifying body for New Code NLP Courses across the globe.
Since Abhay Thhakkar is an ITA/ITCA – Dr. Grinder’s certified NLP Trainer, he follows the minimum course contents and duration set by ITA/ITCA.

Evaluations for becoming an New code NLP - NLP Practitioner in India

Abhay Thhakkar, an Internationally Certified NLP Trainer, certified by co-creators of Neuro Linguistic Programming, believes that participants must undergo a thorough evaluation to become a certified NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and New Code NLP Practitioner. 
The reason is that as an NLP Coach, we also work on deep personal issues of individuals.

Hence, we have the responsibility of ensuring we are very well equipped to guide them. 
In Abhay’s NLP - New Code NLP Practitioner courses in India, there are several evaluations that are designed to test the competence of the practitioner before they receive the NLP certificate signed by co-creator of NLP – Dr. John Grinder.

Abhay believes that testing of NLP Practitioners should be considered as one of the factors considered while selecting an NLP Practitioners course in India and best NLP Trainer in India suited for your NLP learning journey.

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New Code NLP Practitioner Course in India

New Code NLP is what Dr. John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) refers to as "The Ferrari of NLP". Since according to Dr. Grinder, New Code NLP is much more effective. 

Although Abhay Thhakkar is personally certified by Dr. Grinder to facilitate both New Code NLP as well NLP Practitioner courses, Abhay chooses to facilitate more of New Code NLP Practitioner Trainings in India and overseas. 

As an NLP coach, Abhay has noticed that people experience a much more profound transformation in their lives with the application of New Code NLP tools. 
The reason being that there is much more involvement of the sub-conscious mind in New Code NLP than NLP for creating the transformation. 

Also, what amazes Abhay is the approach of New Code NLP for creating transformations.
The tools of New Code NLP also involve simply playing games in a fun manner! Thereby, more people from all walks of life benefit much more from Abhay’s New Code NLP Certification course in India.

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