a collage of people experiencing a range of emotions during the NLP certification course in Mumbai, facilitated by NLP Trainer - Abhay

NLP Practitioner Course in Mumbai

and beyond

Learn, Heal and Enhance every aspect of life where you desire a change.


NLP Practitioner course in Mumbai

This 10 days (94 hours) NLP training course in Mumbai, includes the Internationally certified New Code NLP Practitioner course.

Thereby, you will go beyond the usual NLP Practitioner courses in Mumbai.

What is New Code NLP?
New Code NLP is the updated version of Neuro Linguistic Programming developed by NLP co-founder - Dr. John Grinder.

New Code NLP can be legally taught by only those personally certified by him. Abhay Thhakkar is the only certified NLP Trainer in Mumbai, who can legally teach New Code NLP and certify you with New Code NLP Practitioner certificate in Mumbai.

Abhay - Best NLP Practitioner from India, facilitating an NLP session at an Educational Institute.John Grinder (co-creator of NLP)
ITA certificate / ITCA Certificate / International NLP Certificate / John Grinder signature on certificate

NLP Practitioner certification course in Mumbai:

The 10-day Transformative NLP course not only includes the New Code NLP Certification course but also the NLP Practitioner course contents taught by NLP Trainers in India in there 4 to 7 days of NLP Practitioner course in Mumbai and other cities of India.

Who is this NLP Practitioner Training in Mumbai for?

The Transformative NLP course involves you learning more than 23 NLP techniques and tool as well as several concepts which you can apply in your daily life.

This NLP Practitioner course is taught by Abhay in a practical format.
Hence, each person, regardless of their personal and professional background, benefits from this NLP course.

In the past, some of the following professionals that have benefited immensely, includes:
Corporate Professionals including business owners, CEO's, HR.
Psychologists and doctors.
• Professionals in educational institutes including school owners, school and college principals and teachers.
Performers in the field of acting, dancing and music.

four people doing a group hug during Abhay's NLP training in Mumbai

Experience Transformations Within, during
Transformative NLP Practitioner Trainings

Benefits of Transformative- NLP Practitioner Course in Mumbai:

These 10 days of Transformative NLP Practitioner course in Mumbai will:

Heal: Heal emotional hurts.

This includes healing relationships, childhood memories and struggles in current situation.


Heal any memories during this course, even without the need to share any aspect of life with others.


Emotional healing: Heal fears, anxiety, anger, frustration and other emotions.


Enhance emotions such as peacefulness, calmness and confidence.


Access even meditative states, just by playing Games for only 12 minutes!


Heal and enhance aspects of life through playing Games


Learn and experience letting go habits such as procrastination and addictions.


Gain clarity in professional life and experience professional growth.


Learn methods of enhancing performances in every field including even sports, dance and acting.


Become one of the very few Internationally Certified New Code NLP Practitioner in Mumbai.
Thereby enabling you to legally practice as an NLP Practitioner in Mumbai as well as the world.
Importantly, you will be able to heal and enhance all the aspects listed above for every individual you come across.

Note: During this Transformative New Code NLP - NLP Practitioner Course in Mumbai, you will learn beyond what is mentioned above.
Hence you will get immense value from this NLP Practitioner course.

a collage of participants experiencing the magic of Internationally Certified NLP Training in Mumbai, India
a lady laughing and enjoying the NLP certification course in India, by Abhay Thakkar

NLP Practitioner Certification Training format

This entire NLP practitioner training will involve:

Experiential and hands-on based learning. Thereby learning through activities, rather than theories and jargons.
Learning practical application of every NLP concept.
Enjoyable experience.

You can find more information on the training format on the below link:
NLP Training Design

Transformative NLP Course Details:

The 1st 8 days is at Transformative NLP Training International, Mumbai.

Timings: 9 AM – 6:30 PM (Includes homemade breakfast and lunch). Hence, each day is of approximately 9.5 hours. 

The last 2 days is held online.

Timings of last 2 days (online): 9am – 5:30
Therefore, each day is 8.5 hours. 

Therefore, the total NLP course duration is 93 hours and if we exclude the break timings, it is approximately 82 hours.

a girl standing with eyes closed and embracing herself during NLP training course in Mumbai, by NLP Trainer from Mumbai - Abhay
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